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Our strengths in the advertising and marketing translation sector

In-house resources
Our in-house marketing specialists have extensive experience and skills.
Marketing professionals and copywriters
We work with marketing specialists and professional copywriters who are not only capable of producing exemplary translations but also know how to convey the key message of the text.
Our localization services are designed to adapt a text to its target audience.

The image a company projects, its identity and its market positioning are critical factors for its success. The most efficient tools for putting over a company’s message are advertising and marketing. But both of these tools are as delicate as they are useful: a company that gets its communication strategy wrong endangers its own prosperity. The recipient is another key variable in corporate communication – which is only successful if the recipient understands the message in the way it’s intended. Recent marketing studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy something when they can ask and find out about it in their own language. Hence the importance of a good communication strategy. And more important still is a good foreign-language communication strategy.

Traduco Srl draws on the expertise of in-house and external personnel to offer a complete service including the construction of a good communication strategy (built with the business sector and target client in mind) and faultless translation that’s adapted to the objectives of your business. When it comes to translating advertising messages, a good knowledge of the culture these messages are aimed at is absolutely essential: one wrong word and the whole message falls apart. To guard against these risks, we use native-speaker translators who are resident in the target country and therefore have an intuitive grasp of the cultural background against which your advertising message will be set. That way we can avoid using the wrong words or ineffective slogans – which can actually damage the image of your business – when translating your advertising content. We only use translators with direct experience in the field and a knowledge of the different idioms and media of communication.

Our translators are trained in the composition of advertising messages and are familiar with all kinds of marketing tools.

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