Language assistance for contract notices

There are many ways for a business to go international: opening a branch in a foreign country, franchising, foreign sales agents are just some of the ways of reaching new markets. Another way is by participating in international contract notices, which open up previously-inaccessible opportunities but operate according to very precise rules and structures: in most cases bidders have to deal with legislation, languages and cultural codes which are very different to their own. Traduco Srl offers comprehensive language assistance for contract notices, managing the associated documentation and guiding our clients through the various phases of the bidding process. We can produce translations, sworn documents, legalizations and apostilles in extremely short turnaround times.

When a contract notice is issued, prospective bidders first have to understand the tender specifications, i.e. conditions in which the contract is to be executed. They then have to prepare their bids. All kinds of documents may need to be translated as part of this process: balance sheets, financial reports, bank declarations and other documents of a financial or economic nature, declarations and legal certificates, and technical datasheets. Nearly all of these documents require translation by specialist translators. For every contract notice and depending on the languages and the sector, Traduco Srl selects the best native-speaker translators and subjects the translations to a stringent revision process.  When necessary, Traduco Srl can also offer sworn translations, legalization and apostille services.

Over the years we’ve supported many companies in bids for contracts on the North African market, translating the technical and administrative documents required by the procurement agents and legalizing them when necessary. On many occasions we’ve also submitted the documents to the competent authorities in person, relieving our clients from time-consuming bureaucratic formalities.