Corporate and liaison interpreting services

Corporate interpreting services take place on the premises of a business or company, while liaison interpreting occurs between two companies, and in a different context – a conference room in meetings between two companies, for example, meetings with other companies or contract signings etc.. In both cases, the interpreter is present during negotiations and translates the conversation sentence by sentence, taking notes of dates, numbers etc. to make sure the information he/she’s conveying is accurate.

This service is very useful for meetings with your foreign suppliers, clients and partners who visit you to discuss business (conditions of supply, contracts and agreements etc.). In view of the private nature of the discussions, our agency guarantees total confidentiality in the form of a non-disclosure and professional secrecy agreement.

The professional interpreters who work with Traduco Srl are trained in dealing with companies and their staff. They understand the mechanisms and hierarchies that operate inside and outside the company, which means they can optimize your dealings with your staff.