Search engine optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) designates the various stratagems used to enhance the visibility of a website in the results returned by Internet search engines and their web crawlers. The question which SEO seeks to answer is: “When a client looks for me on Google, does he find my website?” If the answer is no, or if your website only appears three pages down, you may need Search Engine Optimization.

Around 90% of search engine users view the first 5 results only: if your website isn’t among these top 5 results, you’re losing potential clients to the competition every day. Effective SEO delivers lasting results, so there’s no need for continuous intervention.

Traduco Srl works in partnership with Internet marketing experts to offer SEO for multilingual versions of websites. With our language expertise and their skills in web analysis, web marketing and web design, we can optimize your website’s ranking in all the leading search engines: which puts your business in view of potential clients.


Our Search Engine Optimization service uses advanced techniques and software to put your website at the top of the results returned by search engines. The first step is to analyse the market on which your company operates and the search terms associated with this market, in Italian and other languages. These terms – the “keywords” entered by web surfers – form the basis for optimization. The next step is to re-cast the textual content of your website to incorporate these keywords, including them in the source code of each web page. We then re-index your website with the principal search engines, taking care to remove undesired search results.