Telephone interpreting

On-demand interpreting is essentially telephone interpreting. It’s typically a service that’s provided on an ad hoc basis, e.g. in unforeseen situations where you urgently need to talk with a foreign client, supplier or partner. With this service you can phone your foreign clients, suppliers and partners and communicate with them via our interpreter, who translates your speech in real time. With our expertise and our skills in the use of latest-generation tools and technology, we can even translate conversations of a highly technical nature with no need for pre-notification.

There are three participants in a telephone interpreting session: your company, the company you’re calling, and Traduco Srl. Each participant hears the others speak. This is useful, for each participant can hear the tone of voice of the other speakers, and modulate his/her tone of voice accordingly.

In most cases a phone call is much quicker than an e-mail, and it also allows us to determine whether the person on the other end of the line has really understood what we’re saying to them. With telephone interpreting we can hear the tone of voice of the person we’re calling, which allows us to gauge his/her reaction to what we’re saying. Sometimes during phone calls we need to express ourselves with perfect clarity, even more than if we were using e-mail or Skype, for with a phone call we have less time to think about our answers. To avoid misunderstandings and their consequences, many clients make use of our telephone interpreting services.