Translation of websites and software

Our strengths in the website and software translation sector

Web Agency
Thanks to a partnership with a local and reputable web agency we have implemented a whole range of foreign-language web services designed to get our client companies noticed on the international market, with localized, well-indexed content.
Specialist professionals
Traduco offers website translation and software localization services by specialist translators. These are more than translators: they also know the languages in which software applications are written, and have expert knowledge of the terminology and jargon of the world of information technology.
Keywords and graphic charters.
We offer consultancy services for foreign-language keyword selection for optimized relevance. We can also advise on graphic charters and the different looks a website needs to reach a certain target.

Most of us are familiar with the leading word processing and web interfaces, especially in our place of work. That’s why many businesses have decided to implement innovative software and websites designed to increase their visibility on the international market.

Translation and localization of websites

A company’s website is the first thing a potential client sees, in Italy and all over the world. Which means your website needs an international face. Localization of website content involves adapting not only the content but also the look of a website. Every culture has its own aesthetic preferences, which means the same graphic style can have a different impact between one country and another. Websites are no exception. To project a professional image of your company on the international market, the best solution is website localization. It’s a guarantee that the look of your website is suited to the tastes and cultural standards of each target country and meets with maximum approval from page visitors.

Translation and localization of software

Software localization involves translating the language content of applications, programs, drivers, firmware, operating systems and user interfaces, and adapting it to the standards of a given market. Here too we have to be careful with embedded code, as well as differences of alphabet and date, time and measurement conventions.
The translator whose job is to localize a software program not only needs to know the language and culture of the target country but must also have a good understanding of the software and how it’s structured. There’s a risk in software localization that changes are made to code which cannot be modified, causing the software to malfunction. Traduco Srl first extracts the text to be translated, leaving the code intact. Which is your guarantee of software translated and localized without risk of error.