When importing translated text into a desktop publishing program as part of the post-editing page layout phase, it’s not unusual for glitches which can compromise the final appearance of the text to occur. To purge the text of these glitches and make sure it has a neat, professional look, a final check is necessary before the text goes to print.

Proofreading is the final revision of the text before it’s printed and published. This is often an essential phase in the quality control process, especially when the text is in a foreign language (and even more so when the language is in a different alphabet, such as Russian, Greek, Arabic etc.).

Our page layout and proofreading package

Traduco Srl offers foreign-language page layout services in all the leading desktop publishing programs (Office®, QuarkXPress®, Adobe Indesign®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Framemaker®, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Dreamweaver®, Adobe Fireworks®, Adobe Flash®, Autocad®) and post-editing proofreading in a single package. An example: if we’re given a set of texts to translate in .idml format, we can work directly in this format thanks to our CAT tools, returning the translated files to you in the same format. We can then proofread the texts to make them ready for printing.

This optimizes the use of the resources and time available for the project, and offers a one-stop solution for the entire translation-revision-page layout-proofreading sequence. And by saving time, you also save money.