Foreign-language copywriting

Foreign-language copywriting is a service comprising the creation, adaptation and translation of marketing and advertising content (company presentations, project presentations, product launches, websites etc.). “Literal” translation from one language to another is unsuitable for texts of this nature. They have to be adapted to the culture, aspirations and lifestyle of the country to which they’re directed. Marketing texts often contain wordplay and idiomatic expressions that make no sense when translated literally – they therefore have to be adapted to make their content as attractive as possible.

Foreign-language copywriting involves creativity, adaptation and localization if the original text is to have the same impact in another language. A copywriter-translator doesn’t just translate a text: he/she reworks and adapts it so that the message contained in the original is conveyed as attractively as possible in the target language. The final product is a localized text that draws the reader’s attention to the focal points of the proposal.

A translation project that incorporates copywriting services typically starts during the creation of the original text, not the translation itself. Therefore we have to agree with the client on the whole strategy, at the moment the client decides to create a text that’s destined for the international markets, i.e. for different cultures.

Traduco Srl’s copywriters

We only work with native-speaker copywriters who not only have an excellent command of the grammar and syntax of their native languages but are also good creative writers and have a certain flair for language – which allows them to select the words best suited to the context without losing the message which the original text seeks to convey.