Foreign language communication services

With our foreign language communication services we manage your written foreign-language communications with your clients in other countries. This includes letters, but most correspondence is now in the form of e-mails, Skype messages etc. – the new media of choice for communication in and between companies. Each medium has its own style and register, and it’s important to get these right when we’re communicating in a foreign language.
In a way, this kind of communication management is less demanding than telephone interpreting, for we have more time to organize things and choose our words: but it still requires considerable skills.
Traduco Srl can translate your company’s incoming and outgoing e-mails, working under the supervision of your company. Every time you receive an e-mail or message from a foreign business partner, Traduco Srl translates your reply in the correct language and style. We also keep a dedicated portfolio containing a log of your communications, so you have permanent access to a constantly-updated database of your exchanges with your business partners.

This service is much in demand with companies with an internationalization strategy already in place, but it can also be interesting for companies looking to make headway in a new market. We can also manage foreign-language communication for promotional and marketing purposes, and offer specialist native-speaker copywriters who can translate your texts for maximum appeal.