Cosmetics and wellness

Our strengths in the cosmetics/wellness translations sector

Specialist PM
At Traduco we have our own in-house project managers for the agri-food, technical and cosmetics sectors. Our cosmetics and wellness PM is in charge of every translation project in this area and manages resources to ensure every project is accomplished to the highest degree of excellence – and obtains the desired results.
Translation memories
Thanks to our close ties with some leading companies in the sector, we have compiled translation memories and terminology glossaries that even cover “niche” areas like organic cosmetics.
Our copywriters work on marketing texts and foreign-language.

Cosmetics is still a growing sector in Italy and many Italian cosmetic brands export their products. Exactly the same can be said of the wellness sector, where the emphasis is on a holistic approach to health. Both sectors have their own highly-specific terminology, which requires the translator to have a good degree of familiarity with the subject.

Many Italian trade fairs in the cosmetics and wellness sectors have global reach. Our latest specialization in cosmetics is eco-friendly/organic cosmetics, a trend that has much in common with its related field, wellness, with its emphasis on natural ingredients, quality and an ethical approach to production.

We translate for hotels and spas, wellness centres and leisure organizations.

Some of the projects we’re commissioned to translate in the cosmetics and wellness sector:

  • Promotional and advertising materials
  • Product labels
  • Product leaflets and instructions for use
  • Websites
  • Press announcements for specific products
  • Press cuttings and magazine advertising features

All of our specialist translators in this type of text are native speakers of the target language. Our project managers work under the coordination of a senior PM whose specialization is cosmetics and wellness, providing the translators with translation memories, glossaries approved by the client, and terminology databases. Our project management software allows us to keep track of the entire translation process, from commission and appointment of a translator to the translation proper, its revision, delivery and feedback.