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Our strengths in the tourism translations sector

We are official suppliers to Italy’s public administration e-marketplace, MEPA.
Websites on travel and tourism
At Traduco we’re experts in the translation of websites in the travel and tourism sector. Our clients are both public (official texts promoting tourism and cultural events) and private (hotels, restaurants, leisure infrastructure and much more).
The cultural context
Lugo is the home town of Francesco Baracca, a national hero and aviation pioneer who won a gold medal for valour as a fighter pilot in the First World War. The prancing horse of the emblem of the Baracca family was later adopted by Ferrari, and even today is a symbol of the famous automobile manufacturing company. Our offices are just a stone’s throw from piazza Francesco Baracca in the heart of Lugo. We’re immersed in a cultural setting that’s packed with history and heritage, and for over twenty years has shaped our values.

The local tourist industry has grown exponentially in our twenty years of existence, and continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace. Nowadays, most people make their travel arrangements online, where there’s a vast selection of options, many of them very good value for money. But competing in this market isn’t easy. It takes a well thought-out strategy. Recent studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy something when they can ask and find out about it in their own language. English is often the lingua franca, an ideal compromise that allows the vendor to save time and money and the buyer to understand what’s on offer. But as we’ve seen, clients are far more likely to browse a website in their own language than a website in a foreign language – even if it’s in the lingua franca, English.

So to really meet the needs of consumers, we not only have to make them a good offer – we have to make them a good offer in their own language. Traduco Srl offers translation services in every area of the travel and tourism industry, made by professionals with years of experience in the sector. Translators working on this kind of text require in-depth knowledge of the tourist sector and its many categories: hotels, restaurants, excursions, food and wine tourism, cultural tourism, sports, art, exhibitions, history, games and much more. This kind of service is designed to guide consumers in selecting the offering best suited to their needs.

Our team of professionals includes translators specializing in tourism, with a natural flair for the language of marketing and communication and – in many cases – qualifications in the field. It takes professionals with this kind of profile to convey your message in a way that’s both efficient and attractive to your potential clients.

The mission of our translation service for the travel and tourism sector is to communicate your service in a foreign language, so that your clients feel fully informed and satisfied with their experience – and gladly tell their friends about it.

Many operators in the tourism sector (travel agents, museums, restaurants, resorts, theme parks etc.) use our services as part of their multilingual marketing strategies. Their requests typically cover such material as:

  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Catalogues
  • Tourist guides
  • All-inclusive holiday packages
  • Websites on tourism- and travel-related subjects
  • Food and wine texts