Legal translation

Our strengths in the legal translation sector

Translators who are qualified lawyers
Our Best Quality team of professional legal translators is comprised of lawyers who do not practise their profession but have instead decided to devote themselves to translating legal and juridical texts. All are native speakers of the target language and have a solid background in law.
Glossaries, translation memories and databases
In over twenty years of existence we’ve assembled an impressive array of glossaries, translation memories and databases specific to the legal sector. Which means our translators can count on structured technical support and the language consultancy services of our project managers.
International law professionals
We work with experts in various legal fields to ensure the highest levels of service for all our clients.

Translating legal documents such as contracts, articles of association, statutes and regulations requires considerable skill in the legal as well as the language fields. The complexity of these documents lies not only in their diversity of content, but also in other factors such as language register and terminology (the legal profession has its own language), differences in drafting conventions from one country to another, typically due to the foundations of each legal system (Roman law, Germanic law etc.) and the resulting distinctions between e.g. common law and civil law. It therefore takes considerable experience to translate a legal document, which is why we entrust this kind of translation to legal experts.

Our translators of legal texts

Our legal translations are done by native speakers specializing in law, many of them with a degree in jurisprudence or a master’s degree in their chosen field of expertise, and with in-depth knowledge of the complex legal terminology involved. Nobody becomes a legal translator by accident. Here as in other areas of expertise, it takes qualifications, experience and advanced translation tools. Many of our legal translators also work as teachers at conferences on legal translation, where they train others on the best approaches to translating legal texts.

All work with certified glossaries and a quality management system in compliance with standard UNI EN 15038. Traduco Srl also provides its legal translators with ongoing support throughout the translation process, providing valuable linguistic and technical input and drawing on high-level consultancy services from legal professionals. We provide them with CAT tools, specialist dictionaries for legal translation, and translation memories.

As in other fields of specialization, all our legal translators have to sign a non-disclosure and professional secrecy agreement with Traduco Srl.

We provide legal translations in all language pairs and the following areas:

  • Articles of association and company statutes
  • Writs and summons
  • Legal deeds and legal briefs
  • Patents and intellectual property
  • Certificates
  • Contracts
  • Statements and appraisals
  • Notarial acts and documents
  • Reports
  • Company register file searches
  • Etc.

Traduco Srl also offers Sworn Translations, Legalizations and Apostille services for translated documents.