Financial translations

Our strengths in the financial translations sector

Translation memories and certified glossaries
Our glossaries, translation memories and official terminology databases are updated with each new project, to offer our translators extra help in finding the right term.
Specialists in their field
Many of our specialist translators have work experience in their field of expertise, which is a crucial factor when it comes to understanding the often-complex terminology and finding its equivalent in the target language.
Multilingual translations
Every translation agency offers financial translation services – but not every agency can offer these services in every language combination. Traduco Srl offers just that.

With the advent of globalization, the financial markets have become the life blood of the economy of every country. These markets have their own terminology and operate according to their own rules. English is the lingua franca of today’s financial world, but sometimes English isn’t enough: every country has its own market that’s subject to its own laws and customs – and language. For effective communication in today’s economy, therefore, knowing the language of finance isn’t enough: we also need to know the language of the country we’re reaching out to. Which means our professional translators are a precious asset for every company in the sector, private and public alike. The translators working on this type of text need a good knowledge of the terminology in both languages, source and target, and they also need to know the rules and regulations specific to the financial markets of each country.
That’s why we’re very careful about the translators we select: all are experienced professionals in the field of finance and many have a university degree in economics- and business-related subjects. Your documents are entrusted to professionals who are well informed and up to date with the latest developments in the financial and regulatory spheres. Traduco Srl has the tools (glossaries, translation memories, specialist dictionaries and term bases), the staff and the professional advisors capable of resolving every terminological query.

  • Financial statements
  • Financial reports
  • Investment memorandums
  • Business plans
  • Financing contracts
  • Shareholder announcements
  • Securities negotiation documents
  • Investment and financing
  • Bank documents
  • Shareholder announcements
  • Budgets and prospectuses
  • Financial auditing regulations
  • Investment fund reports