Export Sales Office

The services included in our “export sales office” package are designed to provide assistance to our clients in their dealings with foreign partners, clients and suppliers.

Traduco Srl can offer this service in our own offices or on your company’s premises, to all personnel requiring help with their foreign-language communication duties. Among the services we provide are telephone communication services with corporate sales networks, reception of orders and requests, bureaucratic services, organization of trade shows and meetings, language assistance during foreign travel and visits to clients and suppliers in Italy and other countries.

Our services in this package are not just limited to language assistance. We also offer our business know-how and can act as intermediaries in your negotiations with your end client.

Traduco Srl always operates on behalf of your company, and cultivates a lasting relationship of trust which is formally enshrined in non-disclosure agreements and our own stringent professional ethics. We translate every communication you receive and then pass it on for your company to compose a reply that’s strategically suited to your requirements.

On request, we can archive all your communications with foreign clients for the duration of the contractual validity period. The Project Manager assigned to your portfolio will take care of all the material and will return it to you at the end of the contractual validity period.

The principal services we offer as part of our foreign sales office package are:

Foreign language communication services

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Telephone interpreting

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Language assistance for foreign travel

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Evaluation of employee language skills

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