Commercial and accounting translations

Our strengths in the commercial and accounting translation sector

In-house expertise
Traduco’s in-house personnel includes economics graduates specializing in the business management area. They have extensive knowledge of Italian and international accounting principles and place this knowledge at the disposal of translators working in this area. For larger projects, Traduco assembles a team comprising translators, accountants and reviewers to ensure maximum quality of output.
In over twenty years of existence we’ve assembled an impressive array of glossaries, databases and above all translation memories specific to the commercial and business administration sectors.
Experience in the field
Many of our professional translators have work experience as employees or managers of foreign sales offices, and therefore they have a good familiarity with the language, practice and documents typically handled by an administrative and sales department.

Business translations

If we’re to communicate effectively with our foreign business partners and achieve the objectives we’ve set ourselves, now more than ever we need to speak the same language. For over twenty years, Traduco Srl has helped companies communicate with their international clients, suppliers and partners, making contact quick and easy via rapid and efficient communication that’s geared to the objectives of the company.

“Business translation” also includes documents related with international trade, i.e. the sale and purchase of goods and services to/from foreign clients, suppliers and partners. And it also covers the entire corporate production and supply chain: from negotiations with suppliers and the translation of technical texts for outsourced business processes to communication, marketing and dealings with clients

Only native-language translators

In our contacts with our international business partners, it’s vitally important to know what kind of documents we’re dealing with, and what their purpose is in the various countries we have business relations with.

In business communication, every mode of contact has its own rules of conduct and social register, and we have to get these right if we’re to communicate effectively. In China, for example, business etiquette is extremely complex, and anyone wishing to do business in China needs to know this etiquette.
That’s why our translators work only into their native language, each working in his/her own specialist area and all experts in business communication, with an in-depth knowledge of their own culture and business terminology.

Just some of the documents we regularly translate for our business clients:

  • Commercial contracts
  • E-mails and commercial letters (with particular attention to style, which is not the same in e-mail as it is in conventional mail)
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Business meetings
  • Price lists
  • Sales proposals
  • Catalogues
  • Company brochures and presentations

Accounting and business administration translation

We only use native-speaker translators who are experts in the fields of accounting and administration and have extensive knowledge of the terminology. We provide these translators with translation memories which we have constantly enriched over the years, certified terminology glossaries, and input from professional consultants.

Just some of the business administration documents we routinely translate for our clients:

  • Balance sheets compiled in accordance with national and/or international accounting principles
  • Estimates
  • Invoices and other accounting documents
  • Auditors’ reports
  • Letters of credit
  • Letters of intent
  • Income statements
  • Annual reports
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Leasing and hire agreements